Anni's Lingerie Boutique in Tasku shopping centre.

It all began with a wish – a wish to offer women lingerie that helps to emphasise their beauty, glow, uniqueness, and confidence. In order to achieve this, Anni’s boutique offers lingerie that combines luxurious and timeless classical style with a modern one. In addition to being spectacularly beautiful, all items are also of highest quality and very comfortable. The furniture we made in cooperation with Anni’s boutique is in line with the values that both Wesse and Anni represent and thus helps to promote the overall goals of the boutique. We suggest you try and pop by the boutique while Anni herself is there as you’ll be guaranteed a very warm and personal welcome!

Anni’s Lingerie Boutique is for everyone looking for beautiful and comfortable women’s lingerie sets for themselves or their significant other.


Design: Wesse together with Anni’s Lingerie Boutique and Neway;

Materials: coloured furniture board;

Client: Skyoffice OÜ;

Photos: Katrin Raudvee